A liquid hoof soak that will clear the hooves of all lodged in debris and access those "tight smelly cracks" that may be harbouring pathogens.

How does hoof soaking help my horse?


Soaking horses hooves in an effective but mild solution helps rid the hoof and all the "nooks and crannies" of debris and also allows the liquid to penetrate into those areas which are really difficult to attend to, even with the correct tools on hand.

Is it beneficial for all hoof ailments OR just a thorough cleanse? Especially beneficial in cases such as Seedy Toe, White Line Disease, Thrush, Abscess (during and after eruption), fungal and bacterial infections, canker, softening hooves and clearing debris prior trimming etc.

It is recommended prior to commencing any other topical treatments to ensure you are working on a hoof that has had a thorough clean with a topical solution.  


​No, it's not difficult to apply a hoof soak.  Of course, your horse will need to be fairly patient to stand quietly with soaking boots or your form of soaking equipment for 20-30 minutes to let the solution penetrate.  A quick prep is all that is needed on the hooves prior to application.


1. Water & liquid dish soap mixed into a trigger spray bottle

2. Stiff hoof brush such as our HOOF PICKS with metal bristles

3.  Hoof Soaking Boots OR rubber buckets.  (We use and recommend the TUBBEASE soaking boots)

4. Clean, empty 1 litre bottle

5. HOOF MATE Tablets


Simply grab the empty 1 litre bottle and fill with clean (drinkable) water.  Add 2 Hoof Mate tablets, seal the bottle and allow 10 minutes for the tablets to dissolve.  The solution will turn yellow.  (This will make 1 litre of solution which should be enough to cover 4 hooves in soaking boots.  You may need to make a bigger solution for buckets).

Whilst you are waiting for the solution to be ready, clean the hooves with the hoof pick and spray with the water/dish soap mix to ensure most of the paddock debris is dislodged.    Apply the soaking boots as you go or prepare the rubber buckets ready for solution.

Pour the solution into the boots or buckets and soak for 20-30 minutes.  

This can be applied up to 3 x per week for a month for more severe cases or weekly depending on the severity of the condition you are targeting.  

After soaking, apply your chosen topical solution from our range to apply in between hoof soaks.


A simple way to look after hoof hygiene is to ensure they are kept clean and disinfected. At least 3 times per week it would be good practice to clean out the hooves with a wire hoof pick and use HOOF SPRAY with antimicrobial properties to flush and cleanse thoroughly.  Our CURVED TIP SYRINGES can be used for liquid and have a nifty curved tip and a good reach for small areas.  These come in a pack of 5 and are a very handy item for the tack room. Keep hooves out of unsanitary conditions such as manure or urine areas and provide a firm dry footing for your horses to access daily.

As always, this advice is never intended to replace veterinary advice and we always recommend contacting your vet as a first point of call.


REMOVE horseshoes before soaking your horses hooves in a Hoof Mate solution.  The solution corrodes most unprotected metals losing efficacy as it is oxidising.   

DO NOT use metal utensils or containers for mixing, measuring or storing the solution as it is corrosive.

Sunlight breaks down the active ingredient in Hoof Mate.  Store the solution out of direct sunlight.

For a double boost, empty soaking boots or buckets around 15 minutes into treatment and replace with a fresh batch.