Beeswax Pink Balls - Trial size

Beeswax Pink Balls - Trial size

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BEESWAX PINK BALLS - The Solution for Thrush Management in hooves.

Trial size pack for the first-time ball handler.

Got Balls? You bet we do!

Our Beeswax PINK Balls are a malleable hoof putty that will change the hoof care game for you and your Equine Amigo when it comes to managing Thrush in hooves.

Simply smear them in the collateral grooves and or central sulcus to repel further moisture and debris from lodging in and creating an environment for Thrush to take hold.

"So unique and such a great product. Stays put for days and repels moisture whilst the ingredients can work on thrush protection".

BEESWAX PINK BALLS Trial size contains 8 wax balls


An innovation by a Hoof Care Professional who understands the frustrations of hoof conditions, these balls are the ultimate hoof care hack. Based on natural, cosmetic grade ingredients, clays & powders and infused with high-quality essential oils.  They stay put like a boss, repelling debris and pathogens from getting lodged in your crevice.

"Great product that did everything it said it would, the Balls stayed put on the hoof in the craziest muddy paddock and kept his foot clean underneath."

Super easy to use, the balls can be used whole (if you’ve got a big crevice) or broken apart to wedge in a smaller amount.

Clean your crack out, ensure you’ve soaked up any wet patches - then grab a Pink Ball and smear it in place up your crevices around the frog.

Proudly Australian Made from Australian ingredients and packaging.

SHELF LIFE - 3 years.  These hoof goodies will stay fresh and fabulous with a shelf life of 3 years.

Roll on over, add to cart and grab firm hold on a set of your own.

FOR APPLICATION TO ANIMALS ONLY.  Remember - these balls are strictly for the four-legged superstars. Keep those balls away from curious kids, they are strictly for your magnificent hooved companion.  

Please note:  This is a cosmetic product for application to animals only and has no therapeutic effect.

AUSTRALIAN MADE. Based on natural, cosmetic grade ingredients.

Ingredients list: Cera Alba, Proprietary natural ingredients, Organic Sodium Bentonite, Zinc Oxide Powder, Titanium Dioxide, Citrus Grandis, Tocopherols (d-alpha-, d-beta-, d-gamma-, d-delta-tocopherol), Soybean Oil, Mica, Citrus Limonium,  Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil, Prostanthera melissifolia oil.
Appearance may vary batch to batch due to the nature of the ingredients.

©️The Hoof Co 2023

Keep away from children and pets. Store out of direct sunlight under 25 degrees Celsius.

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Our innovative malleable hoof putty will repel moisture and debris from hoof defects. Apply to hoof defects and Thrush prone areas of the hoof. Our innovative wax mix stays adhered to the hoof, reducing the need to attend and reapply twice daily. Applied correctly, our balls stay put for up to 6 weeks.


©️ The Hoof Co 2023

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