Hoof Mate - pack of 30 soaking tablets
Hoof Mate - pack of 30 soaking tablets
Hoof Mate - pack of 30 soaking tablets

Hoof Mate - pack of 30 soaking tablets

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HOOF MATE®️ - White lightning®️

Need a soaking solution that thoroughly penetrates all the crevices?

"So easy to prepare and soak. Has helped me get on top of a chronic case of white line disease"

HOOF MATE - AUSTRALIAS WHITE LIGHTNING. Chlorine Dioxide Soaking Tablets.

30 tablets per box - 5 strips of 6 tablets. 1 box makes 15 litres of soak.

Hoof Mate is a powerful and economical weapon against long standing conditions of the hoof and lower leg - such as thrush, white line disease and scratches. Hoof Mate is a self activating chlorine dioxide tablet that will create an activated chlorine dioxide solution.

Chlorine Dioxide has a long history of use in human medicine as a topical disinfectant.

Need to thoroughly cleanse contracted heels, central sulcus, collateral grooves, abscess holes, hoof cracks?  Hoof Mate is the answer. Combine with our handy Monoject Syringes for an easy daily flush.

Perfect in combination with our HOOF CLAY for thrush or BEESWAX BLUE BALLS for Seedy Toe and white line infections in between soaks.



Use the supplies and instructions listed below to treat your horse’s feet with Hoof Mate

What supplies will you need?

For cleaning and soaking horse’s feet:

  • Water, liquid dish soap
  • 1 litre trigger spray bottle
  • Stiff bristled brush, hoof pick farrier nail
  • Hoof soaking boots OR buckets or rubber pans.

For mixing and measuring the soaking solution:

  • Clean, empty 1 litre bottle
  • Hoof Mate tablets


  • Clean the hooves thoroughly.
  • Prepare your horse’s hooves for soaking by cleaning them thoroughly, top and bottom.
  • Scrape away packed-in and caked-on mud and dirt with a hoof pick. Use a hoof knife to trim away flaps of loose tissue from the frog, and to open up cracks and crevices in the white line and hoof wall.
  • Brush to remove dirt and caked-on mud below the fetlock.
  • NB: it’s important to clean thoroughly so soaking solution can reach the affected tissue.
  • Add some soap to a spray bottle and fill with water to blast dirt and debris out of the central sulcus of the frog if it’s closed up into a crevice from heel bulb contraction.
  • Use the spray bottle and a horseshoe nail to blast and pick dirt and debris out of cracks and crevices in the white line and hoof wall.
  • Run the nail all the way around the frog to clean out the dirt line and collateral grooves of the frog. Remove as much packed-in dirt and loose tissue as you can, so the soaking solution can flow easily to areas affected by fungal or bacterial growth.
  • Finally, use a brush and spray bottle to scrub feet thoroughly top and bottom with liquid dish soap and water. Put a soaking boot on each foot as you finish
  • scrubbing so that it stays clean. If your horse is not used to wearing soaking boots, let him wear them for a while before adding any liquid.
  • Add plain or soapy water to the boots and again let him wear them for a while. It will help clean his hooves and get him used to the feeling of liquid inside the boots.
  • Pour the water out of the boots before mixing the solution in the next step.
  • Place your horse in a stall or yard with plenty of grass or hay to keep him quiet and happy.
  • Prepare the soaking solution.
  • The solution created by Hoof Mate is an activated chlorine dioxide solution. It is fast acting but may bleach and discolour hair and may irritate open wounds or sensitive tissue if instructions are not carefully followed.
  • Note: Use Hoof Mate solutions in a well ventilated area. Read and understand label information and cautions about activated chlorine dioxide solutions.
  • Do NOT breathe the gas.



A 1 litre bottle holds just the right amount of solution to fill 2 average-size soaking boots. Choose a bottle with a small opening which makes it easy to pour soaking solution into a boot while your horse is wearing it. You’ll want to mix a bigger batch of solution if you’re using buckets or pans instead of soaking boots.

Directions for one litre of Hoof Mate

  • Fill a clean bottle with 1 litre of clean water
  • Add 2 Hoof Mate tablets to the bottle
  • Seal the bottle and allow 10 minutes for the tablets to dissolve, the solution will turn yellow.
  • Soak the Feet
  • Pour the solution into the soaking boots, pans or buckets and soak for 20-30 minutes.
  • Treat the infected hooves 3 times per week for a month or until cured.

Success Tips

  • You can pour the liquid out of soaking boots without removing them from your horse’s foot. Pick up your horse’s booted foot, then curl the foot up and back toward the horse’s belly to drain the liquid. Avoid splashing clothing as it will bleach.
  • For an extra boost, empty the soaking boots halfway through the soaking time and refill with a second batch of fresh solution.
  • To maximise the effectiveness of the soak, you need to supply copious amounts of fresh solution to the affected areas.
  • Do NOT use metal utensils or containers for mixing, measuring, or storing chlorine dioxide solutions as it is corrosive.
  • REMOVE horseshoes before soaking your horse’s hooves in a chlorine dioxide solution. Chlorine dioxide corrodes most unprotected metals losing efficacy as it is oxidising.
  • Sunlight breaks down chlorine dioxide, the active ingredient in Hoof Mate. Store Hoof Mate solutions out of direct sunlight.

SHELF LIFE - 1 year when stored correctly.



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Our Products have been developed over numerous years of Professional use in the field.

We have combined our formulating knowledge of topical applications for Equine Hooves with the best part of 2 decades work in the field to bring you effective hoof care solutions which stay put and get to work on hoof problems so you don’t have to.

Simple, effective, hoof care solutions.

​Below are some F.A.Q's along with a guide to achieving the best results with application of our products.

Q: Are your products Australian Made?

A: YES OF COURSE. 100% Australian made from ingredients all sourced from within Australia. Our packaging is also sourced from within Australia from Australian manufacturers and are recyclable. We are proud to display the coveted Australian Made logo on our products.


Q: I need my products ASAP , do you offer Express Post?

A: Yes we do. Please select EXPRESS POST at check out.

Q: What are your postage rates?

A: $9.95 flat rate shipping and FREE shipping over $120. Our trial sizes have postage included but can be upgraded to Express if you prefer.

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A: Yes of course!. You will receive a shipping notification email from us when your order is ready to trot off to the post office.

The only products we don't send via tracking are the "trial sizes. These are sent in a Regular Large letter and you will still receive a notification of the day they will be posted.


Our products are based on natural COSMETIC grade ingredients.

​Some of our products do contain Beeswax and Honey so if you have any allergies to a specific ingredient, please feel free to ask if you are unsure. Most of the information can be found on the product descriptions.

​Whilst we appreciate your interest in our products, we have spent many years with Research and Development with our range and DO NOT SHARE OUR RECIPIES. This is our intellectual property which has required many years to develop, stability test and produce the end product to ensure that we are providing you with the best knowledge and ingredients available for our Hoof Care range.

Our products are unique in formulation as proven by our "innovation" and product awards.


Yes we do. Our current stockists are listed under the STOCKISTS tab on our website.

​We are open to enquiries for stocking our products from both Professional Farriers and Trimmers along with E-commerce and Retail stores.


At this stage we do not ship outside of Australia. Please stay tuned and you can always send through your enquiry as to your country of interest for when we are ready to CRACK on with international shipments.


Q: How do I apply? How long will they last? When do I know when to reapply? My balls won't stick?

A: Glad you asked – we have a PDF file to download for each product and best practice application.

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A small Aussie business founded by a hoof care professional, we are passionate about hoof and horse health. Our range has been meticulously formulated to effortlessly attend to hooves, leaving you exclaiming, "Well, take that smelly crack, I've conquered you!"

Will you "get some up yours?"

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